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6 - 7 JulyThe Glow House, DC

Dance into Your Sexuality

Welcome to exploring your sexuality through dance, touch, kink and verbal sharing in a non-judgmental space where you are welcome to be different parts of yourself. During the two days between 1pm-4pm, we will take a deep dive into ourselves, together with others, to heal/improve our relationship with our bodies and our sexuality. The first day is called Dance into Your Sexuality, the second day, Dance into Kink. We will connect to the healing powers of rhythm and music and how it can make us dance, express emotions, explore self-love or feel vulnerable. When we create a safe space together, we can open up, love ourselves, see love in others and feel trust. 

The inspiration from this weekend comes mainly from South and East African and African American dance forms, as well as tantra and conscious sexuality and kink. This, together with the ancient tantric traditions and modern tools for conscious sexuality and communication creates a unique combo. 

Dance into Your Sexuality

On the first day, we will explore dance, movement, emotional expression, touch, pleasure and human connection. 

Dance into Kink

The second day will take us into exploring kink. How can we, in a loving way, use tools of domination and sensation play in dance to find new ways of surrendering to pleasure?

You can sign up for only day one, but if you want to attend day two, you need to sign up for both days. 

What will we be doing? 

We will explore how sexuality and dance can be essentially the same thing. When I say sexuality, I mean your own sensual flow, your life force, that energy you feel in yourself when the world is perfect. What many of us are longing for is to find that flow that comes from within us, when there are no thoughts, our bodies just move by themselves and a playfulness we didn’t know we had just bursts out in the present moment. 

Many people wait for these moments to just magically happen to us. But instead, we can take it our own hands, feel how the music moves us into feeling pleasure. This way we can find that our sexuality does not depend on others but lives within us. It is a moment of peace that can be felt in the whole room. 

What can I expect?

This workshop will guide you to new ways of finding pleasure within yourselves and with others using dance, touch and different sensations. The most important part is to discover what you might enjoy and how to set up and respect boundaries so that you can discover the joy your body has to offer you. It is not about what you do, but the way you let yourself feel it.

To truly enjoy dance and to feel our sexuality, it is all about being in the present moment and feeling free. Only then can we come in contact with our inner sensual flow and connection with others. This is, however, hard. Instead, thoughts come up, expectations, shame and fears, stemming from the many ideas society has put upon us. It is especially hard if we have lived in environments where we have been judged for our bodies, our emotional expressions or suffered from a variety of other prejudices. This leads to many living in constant distrust, like we have to surround ourselves with a wall of protection instead of staying open. The focus of these two days is to loosen up those barriers to feel your free and expansive self.

You can expect a lot of movement and dance, laughter, tears, touch, play, communicating boundaries and stepping into personal growth. Everything starts with you accepting yourself. There is nothing you will have to do during this course but listen to your own needs. 

Day one, we will focus on building trust in the group, shake loose our bodies, dance and explore or movement from a place of enjoyment. Drums, African music and Blues are examples of music styles that can support us in what we can feel. The moment we let go of how we look and pay attention to what we feel, dance can open new doors. After we connect with ourselves we can meet others with vulnerability and openness. We will explore how we do not depend on others but how we can be the source of our own pleasure. We will also explore how we can use touch in movement to increase our pleasure while respecting the boundaries of others. Asking for what we want will be a powerful tool we will use. The exercises do not differ a lot from things you might have done in 5rythms or static dance, the difference is since sexuality is welcome, you will relate to your body in a different way. The practice is about finding a sensual tantric flow within your full body for you to feel open and blissful.  Day one is a clothes on workshop.

Day two we will step into exploring conscious kink through dance. Domination can be an incredible tool to support each other to get into our bodies, letting go of thoughts and ideas and surrender to pleasure. However, it has to be done with love and respect.  This day you will be given tools to stepping into domination and surrendering using dance, power play and sensations play. For the brave ones maybe also exploring pleasure through pain. Asking for pain is like receiving a deep massage, it can help us surrender and feel free. There will be no direct sexual interaction in the workshop but you are invited to unlock your blockages to find your own ecstatic flow. Day two you are welcome to have as much or as little clothes on as you want but it will always be your own choice and we keep our underwear on.

Who is welcome?

This is a space for all genders and sexualities where everyone is expected to respect the other for whom they are and the choices they make. We aim for a diverse space with people of different age, sexuality and race. We expect you to have some experience in some kind of embodiment practice such as dance, tantra, conscious sexuality spaces, yoga, meditation or any other tool for personal development. This is not a space to look for sexual partners but an opportunity to get to know yourself. In this course, together we are all beginners because we are new to each other. So no matter how experienced you feel, there will be new things to explore and there is no comparison between us, only within ourselves. 

Is this a sex workshop?

This is a place to explore your sexuality but as stated above not a place to look for sexual partners. There will be touch and interaction and your own sexual flow and expression is always welcome; however, there will but no direct sexual interaction or genital touch as part of this course.  When the focus is on your own experience and connection is built up in the group, you will soon realize that trust matters more than sexual attraction when doing exercises with different people. You can always choose to take part or step aside in every exercise. 

Is this therapy?
In this course, all emotions are welcome; whatever comes up, there is no judgment. This is not a therapeutic session, but it will have healing effects. As a group, we will take care of each other and there will be an assistant for emotional support. As a participant, you are responsible for your own emotions and to listen to your own needs at any given moment. If something comes up, the group will hold you, but if you experience getting heavy anxiety or panic attacks, you can step aside and we welcome you back when you are feeling more stable and ready.


Consent is the foundation of any work we will do. It is hard to know what other people want; it is hard to know what we want; it is hard to communicate what we want; it is hard to say no and it is hard to say yes. In other words, no one can ever have enough practice on consent. We reserve ourselves the right to deny or restrict anyone's participation in the course in case they are not respecting the boundaries of others. 

The tools for this course have inspiration from Southern and Eastern African traditional dances, Blues, Dance Movement Therapy, Tantra, Bodywork, Meditation, the Wheel of Consent (tm). 


People or groups I have learned from or admire and take inspiration from: Hodi Dance Company - Moçambique, Katherine Palmier (Fr), Betty Martin (US), Carl Johan and Jennie Rehbinder (Swe), Zahava Griss (US), Master Berlin (Swe, Aurora Jelena Georgijevic (Swe), Lorenzo Stiernqvist (Swe) and all the African mothers I have met from across the continent (at least from Moçambique, South Africa, Somalia, Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia and Ghana)

All you need to know

Preferably, all participants will take part in both days. It is possible to sign up only for Saturday. However, to take part on Sunday, you have to be present on Saturday. We will give priority to people signing up for both days. 

Food: Light refreshments will be provided at the venue and is included in the price! Inform us about any dietary restrictions you may have. We do our best to make any needed accommodations.


The Glow House, 3110 13th Street Northwest, DC

What to bring:

Water bottle

Loose comfy clothes

An open heart and mind


1-4pm 6th and 7th of July.


Saturday only: sliding scale $15-30
Saturday and Sunday: sliding scale $30-60 

If you only sign up for Saturday, but after experiencing the first day, you decide to sign up for the second day, that's okay!

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Lisa Josefsson

The feeling of being alive. The mysterious sensation of flow. This is what moves through Lisa’s body when she dances. When she came into contact with tantra her realisation was “Oh, that degree of freedom in my body I feel when I dance, is the same tantric people feel in intimate relations??” This was the beginning of Lisa’s tantric dance journey that she now shares with others through her sessions and workshops.

Lisa has worked for over 10 years with different dance forms such as traditional improvisational dance, African dances, Contact Impro, Blues and Swing. These dances are all somehow shortcuts to feeling radically free; the movement is an expression true to one’s soul. Many African traditions also include many ancient teachings about body and sexuality and Lisa had the opportunity to learn some of them when living in Mozambique for three years and also after doing field study in Kenya. Parallell to her dance career Lisa has studied and worked with sexual education for youth with the Swedish organisation RFSU for many years. Eventually she got into Tantra and sexual healing which brought her to start her own courses on sexuality and dance. She has taught at many dance, yoga and sexuality festivals  and is this year present at events such as  Stockholm Tantra Festival, Sexsibility Festival in Sweden and Touch&Play in Southern Germany. 

Other studies Lisa has undertaken is the Wheel of Consent (TM) with Betty Martin, Dance Movement Therapy and Conscious Kink through personal experience and teaching.

Lisa is also the creator of Skaka Loss, or Shake it loose, a dance format focusing on transmitting the African roots of rhythm, emotional expression, storytelling and spirituality.

Being playful and finding one’s own expression is the focus of Lisa’s classes, she will guide you to love your body and to connect with others.

Lisa is grateful to her dance company Hodi Maputo Afro Swing in Mozambique who showed her what presence, dancing and community is all about.

What other people say about "Dance Into Your Sexuality" and about Lisa:

"Thanks to this course I have found a new way of feeling pleasure in my body using the dance as a tool. I have improved my skill in listening to what my body is longing for and found an outlet for that through the dance. I have also shifted my sexuality from no longer being about how other people look at me to rather being about my pleasure coming through from the inside. It feels amazing to feel this way instead!/Maja

[After the course] "I feel safer in myself, my body and my sexuality and how I express myself when I dance. Both sexually and non sexually. I feel more comfortable with verbal, physical and emotional contact with others. I bring the dance with me as a way to relax, feel happy and safe, feel more and express my sexuality. To feel my pride and to feel sexy is now more available to me. I take with me the importance of being able to express my emotions both physically and verbally firstly when it comes to sex but also in other situations.  /M

Lisa is amazing, genuine and sensitive. /Sofia

Lisa is very pedagogical, full of knowledge, warm and inspiring. She is good at seeing everyone in the group. All the courses feel well planned and have a comfortable flow. /Moa

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Lisa Josefsson